About BumbleBear

Our Mission

BumbleBear’s mission is to redefine arcade culture and be the leading source of games for new arcade era. Video games today are ubiquitous, and the industry is overcrowded. We pride ourselves on game design that can only be experienced in person--games that make you look to the person next to you, and you both say "ok, one more round!"

Origin Story

Co-founders Josh DeBonis and Nik Mikros have been friends and game designers for years. In 2011, we created a 20-player field game for Come Out and Play New York called "Killer Queen." It was fun, hectic, well-balanced, and won the "Best In Fest" and "Most Strategic" awards at the event. Nik and Josh jokingly suggested to fellow game designer, Charles Pratt, that they wanted to adapt it into an arcade game. Charles smiled and challenged them saying, "you won't."

We did. And the response was wild. Popular at every show, multiple game awards, and requests to purchase the game.

That challenge reverberates to this day. We know what makes an arcade piece infinitely replayable, expanding our catalogue with Black Emperor and more to come. Both products have become staples in their respective venues, and we are excited for the future of the modern arcade.

For questions about arcade cabinets and parts, please email sales@bumblebeargames.com.

For all other inquires, email us at info@bumblebeargames.com.